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May 28, 2017

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Backwards story about nothing (really)

Art, Art Retros, Commentary

My run on The Kitchen Poet

Literature, Memoir

Pavilion: An Excerpt

Art, Comics, Commentary, Culture, Essays, Fiction, Literature, Memoir, Poetry

The Master List of Cigar Sizes

Study the various sizes of cigars on this unique chart.

Master Lists

Scrotum Pole

A bizarre, obscene, utterly hilarious story about how far one man will go to get his wife pregnant.

Fiction, Literature

The Barrow Scar

Bonnie and Clyde are on the run and Ray Hamillton is behind the wheel in this break-neck, freewheeling journey soaked in blood, bullets, and moonshine.

Fiction, Literature

Stage IV: The Metastasis of Snow, Cactus Flower

Original surrealist short fiction story by Will Kaufman.

Fiction, Literature, Poetry

{Poetry} Funeral

She wanted to be buried under the yellow Cajun moon when it was full and curious with longing, in a white coffin draped in cat tails and Spanish Moss

Literature, Poetry

The Book of Annoyance: Entry Seven – Social Media

Our old friend social media. Where would our lives be without thee? Remember the days when we had attention spans? Or how about when we could read something longer than 140 characters?

Commentary, Culture

{Fiction} The One I Lost

You tell me that you almost forgot me, but it’s only been three months since I went away. Back from university, the first thing I do is call you after sitting through a long talk with my parents.

Fiction, Literature

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