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September 23, 2013

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Heaven Can Wait

A beautiful love letter to dance and the relationships that blur the lines of fleeting and everlasting.

Literature, Memoir
Dreams by Malik Peterson

{Poetry} “DREAMS”

It’s funny how patterns of tattered matter flow...

Literature, Poetry
Interview: Brit Woollard Photography

Brit Woollard: Avant Garde Photography

Why have you chosen photography as your form of expression? I actually am classically trained as an artist (drawing, painting, ect), but started experimenting with...

Artists, Interviews
Fever Dreams

Poetry Review: “Fever Dreams”

When I pulled Fever Dreams from its shipping pouch, a small note fell from the inside cover. The note invited me to keep “good company” with the author’s dreams.

Books, Reviews
Entering The Dreamspace

{Essay} Entering the Dreamspace

One image, simple and clean; a solitary figure on a country road, retreating from view. Air hums, light shimmers, figure diminishes.

Essays, Literature
Art Shots: The Fine Art Photography of Sarah Knapp

Art Shots: The Fine Art Photography of Sarah Knapp

Art Shots: The Fine Art Photography of Sarah Knapp - Sarah talks about her two series, Before I Put My Face On and Dreamscapes: Landscapes of the Imagination.

Art, Art Shouts
the stupidest thing

“The Stupidest Thing” – Issue #3

Comics, Literature
Time - Clock - Odd - Spiral

“Three Seconds” by Anonymous

Literature, Poetry
a girl's face in a painting

“Beginning” by Erika Perez

Literature, Poetry
Picture 5

“IMPRESSION” By Marius Masalar

Literature, Poetry

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