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May 20, 2013

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Letter From An Angry Man: Dear PETA,

I’m writing this letter on behalf of all the people in the world who eat meat, (tasty, tasty meat), and are sick of you trying to make us feel guilty.

Commentary, Culture
Dog Dressed up with a necklace

Letters From An Angry Man: Dear People Who Dress Up Their Dogs;

Professional Canadian radio host Kyle Gallagher discuss the merits of dressing your dog up like it's a person.

Commentary, Culture, Style

Bike Ride | A Three Part Haiku by John

Curious original poetry

Literature, Poetry

Art Shots: Meghan Clarkston

After years of backpacking all across the great nation of Canada, artist Meghan Clarkston has finally ended up in Halifax. How long will she stay?

Art, Art Shouts

Crock-Shot: Touchdown Relaunch

Canadian artist Meghan Clarkston shares her experience.

Art, Art Shouts, Commentary

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