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June 4, 2012

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Spread The Good Word

I am standing on a stadium ground, with a duffel bag filled with imagination. The night is a rich velvety black. From somewhere up in the bleachers, comes a murmur, “Yes, yes, me!” Behind me, a squeaky voice, not unlike that of SpongeBob SquarePants, calls, “Over here.” “Hello,” coos another one, from what sounds like an undersea tunnel. I blink, and the scene vaporizes coldly.

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To Like and To "LIKE"

To Like and To “LIKE”

If I truly like it, I won’t ever “like” it. That’s the mantra I abide by in my life in the digital plane.

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Photojournalism and Intellectual Property Theft

Photojournalism and Intellectual Property Theft

Over last year, BJP reported that the Daily Mail Online had been accused of infringing on photographers’ copyright five times.

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{Digital Culture} Postcardly Yours

{Digital Culture} Postcardly Yours

There are 3,700 post offices in America that don’t do enough business (that is, make a yearly revenue of at least, $27,500) to remain open. Enter Postcardly.

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{Digital Culture} The Kindle Dilemma

{Digital Culture} The Kindle Dilemma

I am transfixed by the Kindle's surging popularity. I’m transfixed by the fact that books will soon become the new vinyl.

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{Digital Culture} It's Not Twitter, It's Us

{Digital Culture} It’s Not Twitter, It’s Us

The Twitterverse has become a crowded place, bursting with the gabbing of some 100 million “active users”, each screaming to be heard over the din.

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Art Shots: Portrait Sketches of Phillyatchi

The Portrait Sketches of Phillyatchi: first sketched by hand and then scanned and colored in photoshop; these pieces are super cool.

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abstract iphone image - appstract art

The iPhone Abstraction of Reservoir Dan

The images contained in this post are the realization of a simple yet ingenious vision to create 50 vibrant digital canvasses of abstract art, using an iphone.

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Oregonian Pushes The Boundaries Of Conventional Photography

Featuring artist Natasha Bacca on Zouch was a no-brainer. She's pushing the boundaries of conventional photography to explore light, while combining contemporary and archaic processes.

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