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January 14, 2011

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Eco-Lessons at the Green School In Bali

In a world that revolves around capitalism and industrial growth, it’s hard to believe an eco-conscious educational institution like the Green School exists.


Modern Fashion Doll Making by Jason Wu

... Jason Wu also designs Barbie dresses, including those for collectible RuPaul and Amanda Lepore dolls.

Art, Style

STYLE EDITORIAL: 2010 Rock Revival

Inspired by my love and appreciation for Rock-N-Roll talents and muses of the Sixties and Seventies..

Culture, Nostalgia, Style

Photographic Works by Coppi Barbieri

One day while flipping through an old copy of Wallpaper Magazine, I stumbled upon some breath-taking photos by an Italian photography company, Coppi Barbieri.

Art, Art Shouts, Design, Style

Personal Ride

Swiss art director Juri Zaech is creating custom bicycles shaped like your name!

Art, Style

Macaroons, The Eiffel Tower & Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant, one of France's fashion darlings, has reinvented the term chic for North Americans.

Culture, Nostalgia, Style

Glorious Islamic Architecture

The Islamic architecture in this article is ornate, complex and visually stunning in every way.

Culture, Nostalgia, Style

442 in the 416

Sarah Shell, one of Toronto's newest designers, is the genius behind 442 McAam, Canada's most coveted handbag line.

Art, Style

Sole Man : Zuriick Shoes

Design, Style

The Floating Village in Cambodia


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