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October 17, 2011

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A Look at the INVASION of the CTDs (Celebrity Turned Designer)

Saturated would be an inane word when referencing the plethora of rappers, actors, models and singers who have joined the CTD clan (celebrity turned designer).

Culture, Design, Style

Style Dossiers: Eye Of The World Designs

Culture, Design, Style

Tom Veiga’s Surfart

Brazilian artist Tom Veiga's been inspired greatly by surfing. His passion for the waves, the sun, and the beauty of the sea have inspired impressive designs.

Art, Art Shouts

The Zaha Hadid Papers: Napoli Afragola High Speed Train Station

It is my pleasure to share yet another one of Zaha Hadid’s jaw-dropping architectural feats: the Napoli Afragola High Speed Station.

Culture, The Zaha Hadid Papers

Style Dossiers: FORM US WITH LOVE Challenges Conventions

A design studio based out of Stockholm whose innovative approach to “challenge the conventional through design initiatives” has gained recognition across Europe.

Art, Culture, Design, Style

A Creative Nod To Furniture Design

Spanish artist María Caleis turned her back on the life of a government tax agent in order to fulfill her passion for illustration.

Art, Art Shouts, Design, Style
Art Shots: Steampunk Games with Chris Miscik

Art Shots: Steampunk Games with Chris Miscik

Video game developer and artist Chris Miscik features some of his amazing Steampunk artwork and illustrations including the wonderful Steampunk Queen Victoria.

Art, Art Shouts

The Crown Jewels of Steampunk

Zouch Magazine features Industrial Radical; markers and purveyors of steampunk and Victorian inspired jewelery.

Art, Culture, Design, Style

Architecture Abroad: Glasgow

I knew that I would one day reminisce upon walking the safe streets of Glasgow at night with sentimental nostalgia. Everything about this Scottish city is wonderful.

Culture, Nostalgia

Art Shots: The Shining Light of Steampunk

Art, Art Shouts

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