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January 24, 2012

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Chalices of Science Consume Artists for Conversion

...What I am speaking of is the battle currently being forged in Halifax, Nova Scotia, between an institution of historic legacy, and Governmental budgetary.

Art News, Commentary, Culture
Photo of ex-alpha male chimp with other chips waiting for food on a river bank

{FICTION} The Assembly of Equals

Mr. Simon Newsom News Editor Hypothesis Magazine 1867 E. Rogella Rd. Ottawa,ON K1A 0A9 Canada Dear Mr. Newsom: I am writing to protest the article written about

Fiction, Literature
Marshall McLuhan

Cynical Guerrilla: Slaves to Free Networks

Does a road represent freedom, or does it serve a darker purpose? Does it tell you where you can go-- or where you can't? Facebook and Twitter are immensely popular...

Commentary, Culture, Digital

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