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November 25, 2013

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SLUMLORD – “Wangler the Executioner”

Slumlord is an on-going serialized comic written and illustrated by Zouch editor Ryan Sheffield. It follows Preston Barlow and his brother Clancy after they inherit a trashy Texas apartment complex from their estranged father. For more comics, artwork and short stories, visit


Greener Pastures

Edna Parker Lee, feisty old woman and Odd News aficionado, copes with a disturbing discovery in her nursing home in this story of loneliness, senility, and Lizard People.

Fiction, Literature
Post Title

The Short, Happy Life of J. Alfred Macomber

The somber reflections and clever last words of a dying man.

Fiction, Literature

Woman in the Ruins

A short, vivid tale painted in dark brush strokes.

Fiction, Literature
Evocative photograph of sunset through winter branches


& I was given things I couldn’t take care of. Trifles – withstanding death’s gate as heirlooms, becoming. A freckle between breasts. We forged our histories.

Literature, Poetry

{Fiction} The Sun Also Sets

The Sun has just disappeared! I don’t know how, but it just vanished, as if by magic. It defies all logic. I’ve checked the data several times and each time

Fiction, Literature
Art Shots: Pat Perry is Young At Heart

Art Shots: Pat Perry is Young At Heart

Artist and Illustrator Pat Perry shows that he is, indeed, young at heart with his images of youth, rebellion, distraction and disturbance.

Art, Art Shouts
Art Shots: A Flight with Caitlin Hackett

Art Shots: A Flight with Caitlin Hackett

Amazing art and illustration by Brooklyn based artist Caitlin Hackett.

Art, Art Shouts

As Pink Turns Blue We Live Again (goth is undead…)

Pink Turns Blue retains a certain immortal quality that keeps them at the forefront of the gothic music scene evermore.

Commentary, Culture, Music

Recent Paintings by Sean Yates

This darkly creative gentleman hails from Washington D.C., and he epitomizes the esoteric dark fine artist.

Art, Art Shouts

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