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July 25, 2012

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Unique Short Story Language Spawns Hit Indie Film Series

Film, Reviews

Chalices of Science Consume Artists for Conversion

...What I am speaking of is the battle currently being forged in Halifax, Nova Scotia, between an institution of historic legacy, and Governmental budgetary.

Art News, Commentary, Culture

Drained Adulthood

You graduate from your school of choice and believe that yes, you too will be able to subside on your creative juices alone.

Commentary, Culture

Style Dossiers: A Work of Art

Midence, a Canadian Milliner based out of Toronto, has taken the hat making business by storm. His peerless headpieces have gained recognition across North America.

Art, Design, Style

“Looming Shadow” by Matthew Dexter

Literature, Poetry

Shift Your Frame: Art Matters

Why does the artistic process help us be happier? The simplest explanation has to do with the creative process.

Art, Commentary

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