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September 30, 2013

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SLUMLORD – “Bad News At The Bar”

Slumlord is an on-going serialized comic written and illustrated by Zouch editor Ryan Sheffield. It follows Preston Barlow and his brother Clancy after they inherit a trashy Texas apartment complex from their estranged father. For more comics, artwork and short stories, visit


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The Art and Culture of St.Patrick’s Day According to Zouch

We wanted to give you Zouch readers something special to peruse whilst you hoist your whiskeys and mugs of green beer this St.Patrick's Day.

Culture, Nostalgia

Shifting Thoughts Produce “Love Knowledge” Animation by Philosophrenic

If you've been reading Zouch since our launch, then you no doubt remember the fascinating Philosophrenic comic by Rachael J. Freedman. You may also have noticed...

Art, Art Shouts

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Artsy photo of overwhelmed shopper in supermarket aisle

{FICTION} Bought and Paid For

The modern big-box superstore was an odd contrivance, when she really thought about it. The notion that Dorothy could buy auto supplies, big-screen televisions,

Fiction, Literature
Zahra’s Paradise: A Look at the Green Revolution

Zahra’s Paradise: A Look at the Green Revolution

Zahra’s Paradise is the fictional story of a mother trying to find her son Mehdi, lost amidst the Basij crackdown on protesters in Tehran.

Commentary, Culture

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"Happy Christmas" by Alborozo

“Happy Christmas” by Alborozo

Comics, Literature
Art Retro: Hugo Pratt's Imaginary Journey

Art Retros: Hugo Pratt’s Imaginary Journey

The Pinacothèque de Paris is showing an exhibition of works by Italian comic book creator Hugo Pratt. Including water colors of his most famous character; a complex sailor named Corto Maltese.

Art, Art Retros

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