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February 21, 2014

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Nothing to Remind Me

Fiction by Scott Solomon. A group of friends take a road trip to a college party but run into some obstacles—and some self-reflection—along the way.

Fiction, Literature
Photograph of Ling or related fish


Chuck's mother was beached on the living room couch. Her black hair was a tangled mess of seaweed draped across her face. She wasn't dead, but Sammy only knew

Fiction, Literature
Songs For Crying in the Shower

Six Songs For Crying In The Shower…

Everyone has felt a little sorry for themselves at one time or another.

Culture, Essays, Music

Ballad of the Manhattan Man: Late 20’s to Till Death(?) Do Us Part

PART 2: The Manhattan Man plunges head first into the life of a white collar bachelor in the city.

Commentary, Culture

Ballad of the Manhattan Man: Post College to Late-Mid-20s

This is not a story about the fancy Manhattan man, the down-on-the-dumps man, the genius, an artist, or a bad man. He is just a man who lives in Manhattan --the Manhattan man.

Commentary, Culture
red abstract - N.Bacca

Oregonian Pushes The Boundaries Of Conventional Photography

Featuring artist Natasha Bacca on Zouch was a no-brainer. She's pushing the boundaries of conventional photography to explore light, while combining contemporary and archaic processes.

Art, Art Shouts, Artists, Digital, Interviews
American Nostalgia - Bertrand - article by Skip Pollock

AMERICAN NOSTALGIA: The Art of Jeff Bertrand

Art, Art Shouts, Artists, Interviews
Picture 26

“Tom Boy Tara Issue” #2

Comics, Literature
tom boy tara featured

“Tom Boy Tara” Issue #1

Comics, Literature

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