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August 7, 2017

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Fiction, Literature

Fairy Tales Made New On The Silver Screen

In the last three years Hollywood has re-told the stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and now, Snow White, in ways that bear no resemblance to the Disney versions of the same. For decades Disney had...

Commentary, Culture, Film

Behind the Scenes on The Tell-Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart is a reimagining of Poe's suspenseful short story of the same name, with a touch of romance and fantasy, set in modern day New Orleans.

Artists, Entertainers, Film, Interviews
The Iron Lady: Cinema Under Thactherism

The Iron Lady: Cinema Under Thactherism

It is ironic that cinema now has an interest in Margaret Thatcher since her government was responsible for cuts in the art.

Commentary, Culture

The Day The Video Store Died

My attachment to Blockbuster isn’t really to the multinational chain, but more to what its disappearance represents on a social level.

Culture, Nostalgia
a still from the film drive featuring ryan gosling

Film: Drive gets it

Marshall McLuhan’s famous axiom, “The medium is the message,” is not lost on Nicholas Winding Renf and his neo-noir Drive.

Film, Reviews

MMA Finds a New Audience With ‘Warrior’

Warrior is a film whose time has come. There, that loaded sentence is out of the way and I can now freely explain how a movie seemingly about MMA has...

Culture, Film, Reviews

Pruning ‘The Tree of Life’

Terrence Mallick movies are about questions. The Big questions, ones without answers, and his characters often spend more time asking...

Commentary, Film, Reviews

Extended Short Circuit: Nathan Wrann’s “Burning Inside”

Connecticut-based director and writer Nathan Wrann avoids all pitfalls with electrifying poise in his second feature film, Burning Inside.

Culture, Film, Reviews

This Movie is Broken (is broken)

This Movie Is Broken proves an unfortunate example of a film with a narrative so thin that it can't support the weight of the sexual revolution it wants to parade.

Commentary, Culture, Film, Reviews

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