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September 3, 2012

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The Book of Annoyance: Entry Six – Travel

Travel broadens the mind. Travel also creates awkward situations and causes people to do some very annoying things.

Commentary, Culture

The Evolution of Art and Culture at NXNE + 7 Good Bands

My first and only prior trip to NXNE was back in 2007. Let me tell you, five years really is an eternity when it comes to digital culture.

Culture, Digital, Film, Music

The Sacred Clichés of a Montreal Artist

Emmanuel Laflamme has been a core member of the ZOUCH creative community since the inception of our project. I caught up with him in a bar in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal in Montreal

Art, Art Shouts

A Short Film Screening With Lasers, Nukes, and Ass

Without further ado, here are smash Youtube hit High-Tech Noon, Hamilton Film Festival award winning Behind The Camera, and Media Abstractions #1 (recently referred to as "nuke porn" on twitter).

Film, Reviews
Pop Goes The CDN Music Video Industry

Pop Goes The CDN Music Video Industry

Zouch Magazine caught up with one of Toronoto's up and comers in the music video world, Diana Pop, to speak about her work with rapper Peps C and the Canadian music video industry in general.

Artists, Interviews
An Interview With May Charters and Mark Hug

An Interview With May Charters and Mark Hug

An interview with the creative team behind the new love story coming out of Canadian film: Lovers In A Dangerous Time.

Entertainers, Interviews

Music Review: Brad Oberhofer’s “Time Capsules II”

‘Time Capsules II’ features charming love-rock ballads, pulled from a former serious bond and the adoption of moving to New York to attend school.

Musicians, The Zouch Pamphlet
Lovers In A Dangerous Time - A Canadian Love Story

Lovers In A Dangerous Time – A Canadian Love Story

Lovers In A Dangerous Time may already resonate with you but the story line and unique musical maze from JBM may push the nostalgia further back than anticipated.

Film, Reviews

Award-winning European dancer joins Ballet Victoria

Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons concertos conjure thoughts of stately baroque music in 18th century European courts. Imagine a fusion of Vivaldi’s violin masterpiece with...

Art, Art News, Fine Art

Karen Grosman’s “Meat Collection”

The paintings below are a metaphor for the sexuality of the body. They express the way the female body is portrayed through advertising, art and media in our society.

Art, Fine Art

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