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July 2, 2013

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Art Shouts! Woodcuts of Hunter S. Thompson, Kerouac, and Bukowski

Snazzy woodcuts of famous writers Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac, and Charles Bukowski

Art, Art Shouts, The Zouch Pamphlet

Son Of A Noble Man

{Photo Essay} On a cold winter afternoon I took a stroll down the Santa Monica Pier, as I usually look for places to explore, and interesting people to meet.

Art, Art Shouts, Nostalgia

Los Angeles Street Photography and Quotes

"Los Angeles is a constellation of plastic." - Norman Mailer

Art, Art Shouts, Commentary
LA vs WAR art and cultural event in memory of 9/11, 2001

Art News: L.A. Vs. WAR at The Vortex

LA Vs War II is a project that will live on past the September 2011 Los Angeles event under the name Vs. WAR.

Art, Art News, Culture

Western Contemporary and other works by David Phillips

David Phillips is a painter and digital/video artist. His work fuses themes from the past with contemporary elements.

Art, Art Shouts, Culture

Planetshifter’s Willi Paul Synergizes Sustainability And Mythology

Planetshifter came into the world on EarthDay 2009 as a community innovation + sustainability site.

Culture, Interviews

AMERICAN NOSTALGIA: The Art of Jeff Bertrand

Art, Art Shouts, Artists, Interviews

GANXTERVISION: The Art Of Brian Fischer

There's something about the mood that Brian Fischer creates that straddles many borders. It's both happy and sad, absurd and serious, real and abstract. His dark sensitivities somehow wind up pointing to the lightness of his inner vision.

Art, Art Shouts

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