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January 22, 2014

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Classic Tractor

Tom and Gerry share a few pints and talk tractor life.

Fiction, Literature

SLUMLORD – “Bad News At The Bar”

Slumlord is an on-going serialized comic written and illustrated by Zouch editor Ryan Sheffield. It follows Preston Barlow and his brother Clancy after they inherit a trashy Texas apartment complex from their estranged father. For more comics, artwork and short stories, visit

Picture of retro college drinking

{FICTION} The Going-Away Party

The teenage boy and girl sat wide-eyed and silent beside their father in the crowded bar. The cocktail waitress appeared, a tray brimming with drinks and pub

Fiction, Literature
Photograph of Ling or related fish


Chuck's mother was beached on the living room couch. Her black hair was a tangled mess of seaweed draped across her face. She wasn't dead, but Sammy only knew

Fiction, Literature

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