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February 10, 2012

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Richard Crouse interviewing john Landis at the Victoria film festival

VFF Brings The Party, The Movies And The Pink Carpet (Yes, Pink!) To Victoria

The Victoria Film Festival, which takes place Feb 3-12 at various venues in downtown Victoria, is a multi-screen, multicultural, and multifaceted event.

Art News, Culture, Film
Art Shots: Vancouver's Eli Horn - EXHIBIT A

Art Shots: Vancouver’s Eli Horn – EXHIBIT A

This is the second article featuring the work Eli Horn. The works below are all oil paintings.

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Eli horn feature

Art Shots: Vancouver’s Eli Horn – EXHIBIT B

This work has the je ne sais quois required to get a curmudgeonly editor such as myself excited. The world should indeed be paying more attention to this young artist.

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steampunk wings - automata girl

Steampunk Review: Whimsy and Wings

In a world where one’s cup can constantly be filled with excess, a growing group of whimsical and imaginative people are contributing to a hopeful future.

Art, Culture, Design, Interviews, Style
“Vancouver Specials” by Scott Marwood

“Vancouver Specials” by Scott Marwood

Culture, Essays
Aaron Clermont painting

Art Shots: Aaron Clermont Re-emerges

After graduating with a degree in Fine Art in 1996, British Columbia artist Aaron Clermont soon disappeared into obscurity. Ten years later he rediscovered the passion

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Meghan Clarkston Art - animals

Art Shots: Meghan Clarkston

After years of backpacking all across the great nation of Canada, artist Meghan Clarkston has finally ended up in Halifax. How long will she stay?

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Art Shots: Retrophiliac

Art Shots: Retrophiliac

Margaux Wosk isn't your average British-Columbian girl. When her inspiration is right, she takes on the form of avant-garde artist, Retrophiliac.

Art, Art Shouts

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