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February 16, 2012

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The Digital Divide and The Great Big Whatever

Too young, too young. Such a loss. Live fast, die in a Florida retirement home during the afternoon encore of Wheel of Fortune. Sex, Drugs and Rockefeller.

Commentary, Culture, Digital

Naturayarte’s Layers of Natural Beauty

The works below are called Naturayarte by Spanish artist Lorenzo Durán. They showcase layers of beauty. The original layer crafted by Mother Nature, juxtoposed with...

Art, Art Shouts

Recent Paintings by Charmagne Coe

There is a rare fragility about this artwork. The figures have essences extending outside their bodies, which makes the experience of appreciating the art more visceral.

Art, Art Shouts

Western Contemporary and other works by David Phillips

David Phillips is a painter and digital/video artist. His work fuses themes from the past with contemporary elements.

Art, Art Shouts, Culture
man playing trumpet in Madison Square park, New York City

The Artist or the Art?

NYC is full of art, and it’s also full of advertisements. On the sides of buses, guts of subway trains, the city finds a million ways to talk to us about art.

Art, Commentary, Culture
Chad Vangaalen playing a bunch of instruments in a yard

ZOUCH Closeup: Chad VanGaalen

This west-coast troboudour’s stunning artistic ability is one that stretches beyond just the mic.

Interviews, Musicians

{Album Art} Hair Police Man Robert Beatty Produces Inspired Work

These works are festival and album art created by artist and musician Robert Beatty.

Art, Art Shouts

A Creative Nod To Furniture Design

Spanish artist María Caleis turned her back on the life of a government tax agent in order to fulfill her passion for illustration.

Art, Art Shouts, Design, Style

Art Shots: Vancouver’s Eli Horn – EXHIBIT A

This is the second article featuring the work Eli Horn. The works below are all oil paintings.

Art, Art Shouts

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