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July 17, 2012

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Kissing

What's in a kiss? This question has plagued mankind for eons, and it’s recently become my obsession after I received a virtual kiss just days after venturing into the much maligned world of online dating.

Commentary, Culture

Chalices of Science Consume Artists for Conversion

...What I am speaking of is the battle currently being forged in Halifax, Nova Scotia, between an institution of historic legacy, and Governmental budgetary.

Art News, Commentary, Culture
Twelve People

{Art Exhibits} Twelve People

Viewers can expect to see vivid and mesmeric forms trickle past their eyelids as they step into imaginative and urban worlds.

Art, Art News

Revolutionary Fresh Artwork

Inspired by their upbringing around the world, The Couto Brothers express and touch on social issues by using bright colors and shapes.

Art, Art Shouts, Culture
LA vs WAR art and cultural event in memory of 9/11, 2001

Art News: L.A. Vs. WAR at The Vortex

LA Vs War II is a project that will live on past the September 2011 Los Angeles event under the name Vs. WAR.

Art, Art News, Culture

Western Contemporary and other works by David Phillips

David Phillips is a painter and digital/video artist. His work fuses themes from the past with contemporary elements.

Art, Art Shouts, Culture
man playing trumpet in Madison Square park, New York City

The Artist or the Art?

NYC is full of art, and it’s also full of advertisements. On the sides of buses, guts of subway trains, the city finds a million ways to talk to us about art.

Art, Commentary, Culture

Artists and Social Consciousness

“Artists are lazy people; lazy people become artists.”

Art, Commentary, Culture

Art FIGHTS! Monet Vs. Manet

Two 19th century masters (Monet and Manet) go toe-to-toe in a clash of the titans!

Art, Art Retros, Nostalgia

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