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November 23, 2016

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Interview with John M. Bennett

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Confession’s of a Hollywood Woodcutter…

The tale of how one screenwriter followed fates advice, threw caution to the wind, and followed his passion into the visual arts.

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I Can’t Get Werner Herzog Out of My Head

I feel guilty leaving a biennial, triennial, or any other group exhibition with only one artist on my mind. These events are supposed to expose the viewer to a variety of creators, styles, and media—not incite a sick obsession with a specific work. After attending the 2012 Whitney Biennial, I’m still thinking about Werner Herzog’s video installation and wondering if my transfixion is bordering on the obsessive.

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Degeneration: An Interview with The Dears' Natalia Yanchak

Degeneration: An Interview with The Dears’ Natalia Yanchak

The Dears returned last year with the release of Degeneration Street, their fifth studio album. The refreshing track list ignites remembrance to former years, indulging listeners with Brit-rock noise and smooth appeal.

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An Interview With May Charters and Mark Hug

An Interview With May Charters and Mark Hug

An interview with the creative team behind the new love story coming out of Canadian film: Lovers In A Dangerous Time.

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The Ostrich Submarine and Other Works by a Mad Scientist/Artist

It feels almost as if these incredible contraptions could actually be out there in the real world somewhere, in a secret laboratory. The blueprints included further enhance the depth and meticulousness of Tucker's vision.

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