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July 5, 2011

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The Zaha Hadid Papers: Kusnacht Villa

The Zaha Hadid Papers: Kusnacht Villa

The Zaha Hadid Papers

Architecture Abroad: The East Wing of Kilmainham Gaol

Culture, Nostalgia

Architecture Abroad: Glasgow

I knew that I would one day reminisce upon walking the safe streets of Glasgow at night with sentimental nostalgia. Everything about this Scottish city is wonderful.

Culture, Nostalgia

Architecture Abroad: Casco Viejo

Feeling the warm breeze while sipping on an oh-so-cold-and-delicious pint of Balboa beer outside in Plaza Bolivar inspires a singular thought: Life Is Good.

Culture, Nostalgia

Sailing Through the Panama Canal

A recent sailing adventure left me in awe of the intellectual power behind the men who designed the Panama Canal.


Eco-Lessons at the Green School In Bali

In a world that revolves around capitalism and industrial growth, it’s hard to believe an eco-conscious educational institution like the Green School exists.


Po Nagar Towers: Ancient Cham Architecture

These ancient towers stand out like alien forms against the modern landscape of nearby Nha Trang in Vietnam.


Glorious Islamic Architecture

The Islamic architecture in this article is ornate, complex and visually stunning in every way.

Culture, Nostalgia, Style

The Floating Village in Cambodia


Positano on the Amalfi Coast


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