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September 18, 2013

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The Danish Poet: Getting Short With Cuteness

A commentary on 'cuteness' stems from a review of an Academy Award-winning animated short

Commentary, Culture

A Ticket for Life: An Interview with Animator Ferenc Rofusz

Some thirty years after The Fly, which won him an Academy Award for short animation in 1981, Hungarian animator Ferenc Rofusz has a new short, Ticket. It tells the life story of a man from birth to grave, entirely told from his personal perspective.

Artists, Film, Interviews

Shifting Thoughts Produce “Love Knowledge” Animation by Philosophrenic

If you've been reading Zouch since our launch, then you no doubt remember the fascinating Philosophrenic comic by Rachael J. Freedman. You may also have noticed...

Art, Art Shouts

An Animated Version of Bukowski’s “The Blue Bird”

This stunning animated adaptation of the poem 'The Blue Bird' is by Cambridge School of Art's Monika Umba.

Art, Art Shouts

INCEPTION: In 60 Seconds (a short film)

Shot frame-by-frame, this version of "Inception" stars vintage paper cut-outs and somehow makes the original seem more and less confusing at the same time.

Art, Digital, Film

ART SHOTS: Julie Zhao

Art, Art Shouts

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