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September 20, 2011

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Los Angeles Street Photography and Quotes

"Los Angeles is a constellation of plastic." - Norman Mailer

Art, Art Shouts, Commentary

Recent Paintings by Charmagne Coe

There is a rare fragility about this artwork. The figures have essences extending outside their bodies, which makes the experience of appreciating the art more visceral.

Art, Art Shouts


Public enemy number one is dead, and you are crushing cans with the rest of the world, and keeping me apprised via text. I shave my beard into a mustache,

Literature, Poetry
Art Shots: American Landscapes by Christina Shaffell

Art Shots: American Landscapes by Christina Shaffell

American landscape photography by Christina Shaffell, a photographer, designer, and sometimes wanderer.

Art, Art Shouts, Artists, Interviews

Ballad of the Manhattan Man: Late 20’s to Till Death(?) Do Us Part

PART 2: The Manhattan Man plunges head first into the life of a white collar bachelor in the city.

Commentary, Culture

Ballad of the Manhattan Man: Post College to Late-Mid-20s

This is not a story about the fancy Manhattan man, the down-on-the-dumps man, the genius, an artist, or a bad man. He is just a man who lives in Manhattan --the Manhattan man.

Commentary, Culture

Style Dossiers: Dinner is Served – Thom Browne Menswear [Fall 2011]

You can always expect the unexpected from reputable fashion designer Thom Browne.

Art, Style
Slave Distribution USA 1961

Fancy Charts: Distribution of Slave Populations in the USA in 1861

This 19th century map shows the distribution of the slave population of the southern states and the United States based on statistics from the eighth Census.

Charts, Culture

Into Passing: Surreal Artwork by Michael Page

A taste of San Francisco's The Shooting Gallery solo art exhibit featuring the work of surreal painter Michael Page.

Art, Art Shouts

“The Tightrope”

Fiction, Literature

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