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January 24, 2014

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Chasing Nabokov

A review of "Yesterday’s labour is the Future’s folly’," an art exhibit by Clare Kenny.

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Music & The Attainment of Happiness and Other Paintings by Dr. Ernest Williamson III

The figures below express incredible feeling. Mouse-over to read each painting's title.

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The Zouch Pamphlet, Uncategorized
Photo of mysterious liquid or gas or smoke designs

{POETRY} Rough Sketches

She sits in the middle of the room A lonely unveiled figurine She is surrounded by mistakes The edges gnawed Mangled With a series of clothespins she dangles

Literature, Poetry
Evocative photograph of sunset through winter branches


& I was given things I couldn’t take care of. Trifles – withstanding death’s gate as heirlooms, becoming. A freckle between breasts. We forged our histories.

Literature, Poetry
Photo of crooked smoke trail in sky at dawn

{POETRY} Vagrant

penitent and rising the dawn besets itself in vagrant shadows some vacant whisper some long forgotten recollect insinuates the distance

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The Zouch Pamphlet, Uncategorized

The Zouch Pamphlet, Uncategorized
Jordan eagles HEMOGLYPHS--SOLO EXHIBITION, Brooklyn New York, painting

Art News: Jordan Eagles’ HEMOGLYPHS

This exhibition proposes a visual language based on metaphysical and corporal meanings and multi-panel arrangements using blood as the primary medium.

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abstract iphone image - appstract art

The iPhone Abstraction of Reservoir Dan

The images contained in this post are the realization of a simple yet ingenious vision to create 50 vibrant digital canvasses of abstract art, using an iphone.

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