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October 16, 2016
bottazzi_projet_jourdan_16mx7m_detail (2).jpg

Guillaume Bottazzi in Brussels to do 16m high permanent painting

Guillaume Bottazzi’s artwork is going to begin on 2016 Oct. 15th.
The artist will be realize his painting in front of the public: from 2016 Oct. 15th (2 months)

September 25, 2016

To Be Modern

To Be Modern

New age illusion
To be modern;
What we get?
A run in a circle;
What remains?
A tortured soul,
No bridge to take ahead or back

July 27, 2016

Guillaume Bottazzi – Free creations 2016

Artiscope Gallery from October 3rd to 29th 2016

Guillaume Bottazzi – Free creations 2016 is a solo exhibition of the work of the visual artist Guillaume Bottazzi and is organised by the Artiscope gallery in Brussels. The gallery invites the public to discover these fine works of art. The exhibition will show recent works by the artist.

May 10, 2016

Guillaume Bottazzi – Wonderland

Guillaume Bottazzi – Wonderland by Le French May:
In a 565 square meters space, the Hong Central Library will host this solo show from May 21th to June 5th.

April 18, 2016

Not Again by Hussein Kinoko

I remember I saw a flowery tree with a hive hanging.

A golden Jelly of honey was draining down to the ground and it caught me up.

I went for it with no caution that bees might sting me, I showed my face barely and I got stung badly. I swear not again

Bees seemed polite, humble and gentle. I gave my beautiful hand for them to land, bees are painted with black and yellow stripes, the bees are beautiful indeed but very grievous. I swear not again

It hurts when you get Stung and you never tasted their Honey, that’s devastating.

But sometimes it’s better you get stung and taste the honey, that’s teaching.
I swear not again.

Life by Hussein Kinoko

Sadly Walking along the long beach.
Hardly thinking what life still has to teach.
Life will still suprise you even if you saw Jesus preach.
Time changes and so life, where is Martin Luthers Jr’s speech?

People get hurt and lose hope to love again.
People fear to start and fail to cope with the pain.
Its all Life, have faith and move on again and again.
Bury the pain and strive, its the only way to sustain.

Life can make you be anything, notably begins with you.
Life can give you everything, amazingly out of no clue.
Life can take away everything, and hold you back stuck on glue.
Life give chances, when you fall in one try the two.

People Lose jobs, ornaments and lovely relatives.
Others get jobs, achievements and money archives.
Its all life, peoples circumstances are all reciprocal.
Everything emerges, have faith and trust Gods Plans.

April 12, 2016

2 Versions of Hmm by Gonsalves Mpili and Jenny Kim

A circumcised sigh,

Came out and blew up my face,

I looked dehydrated.


It wasn’t stress,

The sun was sympathetic to me,

The option it gave me,

Was to burn my skin,

As if i was an iceberg,

In an ocean melting down into pieces,


I am poor

Yet the sun promotes it’s product,

Even if I had money to buy the product,

I wouldn’t bother,

The sun’s heat is free like air,

Such a product should be condemned to a cooking school,



Hmm is the sound I make when in doubt,

Doubt that turns into anxiety,

In a moment that I realize,

The only option is to put aside the doubt,

And let whatever is to happen, happen.


A thought deep in my subconscious,

A thought of satisfaction,

A revelation of beauty,

It could be anything,

Good or bad,

Sweet or sour,

Pain or desire,

And at that moment no words can explain,

But hmm makes the perfect fitting.


February 04, 2016

Setting My Soul Free by Jennifer Kim

When i learnt to let go,

It was like breaking out through a corned bush,

It seemed scary and undaring,

I thought of how the thorns would bruise my skin,

But then again staying inside the corned bush,

I felt alone and broken,

I then thought of the freedom, joy and happiness that was just a corn fence away,

And in that moment i went through,

I never felt the pain of the bruises because what drove me was of much more power in the inside

Than what i felt on the outside and now with all these bruises,

I am free and happier and in time i know the bruises will disappear.

February 03, 2016

Our Rights, Our Freedom Always by Jacquline Kamwamu & Adam Anthony

Because I’m only human,

I want to grow up,

I want to grow up regarded as free,

Free to think and express opnions without fearing torture or detention,

And I don’t want to be a slave, all I want is to be free.



We are all born equal, you, me and everyone,

Our rights are not limited here, they apply everywhere,

Because we also have a right to free movement,

No one can take our rights away, they are protected by the law.



My life is only meaningful when my rights are respected,

The right to live and to be protected,

To enjoy the right to education and right to basic needs,

To freely vote and vote and to be voted in the elections,

I’ve a right to my privacy, marriage and family,

And I have all these for free, my rights are not for sale.

January 25, 2016

Don’t Stop Looking by George Kyomushula

Don’t stop looking for love that has emptied in your soul child gauge / don’t stop looking for someone who will love you and give love that will full tanked your love gauge / don’t stop looking for peace and harmony, out from this world barbed wire which formed in countries, divided by countrymen as concentration camps /

Don’t stop looking for the bread to feed your kids, no matter how the slave masters whom changed named into bosses, whoop you with whips of taxation, insurances, fees and penalties /

Don’t stop looking for your bloodlines under the lost tribes of Kemett / don’t stop looking for your inner self, whom you could be apart from snorting and whoring / don’t stop looking for cure of your diseases, cause anything that has negativity must have positivity /

If there is a cause, there must be a reasons and whenever there’s reason ,there could be formulas and when there are reasoned formulas there should be a solution /

Its like metaphysics, keep looking what you are looking as for sorrow and sadness antibiotics /

Keep looking for it, giving up its a crime so strive to achieve it/ keep looking for the right spouse /

Keep looking for the meals of your landlord after you have your meal so he could also has his meal by you enabled paying your bill /

Keep looking for your guardian angel, keep looking the possible means of how you will get untied from rope that strangle your hopes /

Keep looking your beauty on that mirror, embrace the God’s creation don’t change anything into you, based on what you like to see from others / keep looking for your inner beauty, soul or mind / keep looking../

Archived Blips

January 19, 2016

Zoe Poledouris – I Have Not Been To Paradise

Uh-hmmm. Remember Paul Verhoeven’s seminal kinda anti-war kinda pro-militarism kinda whatever-you-want epic Starship Troopers? The one which combined going apeshit with batshit crazy surrounding. OK, so there was a prom scene. Where hero decides that he has nothing else to do but enlist and get hogtied on propaganda. You can hear a David Bowie song in the background. From the then-recent album OUTSIDE.

It was covered by Zoe Poledouris, daughter of Basil Poledouris who did the score for the film (she also did another  song for the film titled “Into It“). It follows closely the original with a little twist – two words (and thus the whole meaning) were changed: instead of “Oxford Town” there’s “Paradise”. Because anti-war satire can’t be subtle but can be neat. And it adds a nice stroke to a bigger picture of the world which had gone mad with absurdly distorted  concepts of honor, dignity and common sense.


September 15, 2015

The Stove-Junker


From a former Zouch contributor, comes the debut novel of S.K. Kalsi, Hailed by critics as a tour-de-force of style, it is a novel that just might take your breath away.

April 11, 2015

Recent Painting – Gallery Itsutsuji – Tokyo

2015 April 15th - May 30th

12 recent works will be exhibited, including paintings 2.40 metres by 1.90 metres, from fine plaster and glue on fabric, or oil on raw linen canvas.

March 15, 2015

It’s our media.

WE’RE CONNECTING CREATIVE VOICES AND FANS AND EMPOWERING BOTH IN EXCITING NEW WAYS. On April 28, 2015, In the SHED will be launching a Patreon campaign aimed at building a new kind of channel for musicians and storytellers.

February 22, 2015

Untitled(I have consumed many souls and have become stronger for it.)

Anne sent me an account of herself having sex with another white dude.
She applied my fantasy she read about in my writing to herself.
Anne has been mirroring me in her writing. I am in her maze.
Anne like myself has complicated feelings about money and love.
Anne has brown skin and sometimes it looks whiter than my white skin. I wonder if I ever look brown to her.

L has a 22 rifle. It can’t hurt anyone. She has it to shoot cans.
I’d like to get lost with her in the city park. She thinks it’s impossible to get
lost in nature in our modern day.

L  talks about covering herself with gore and guts to foil zombies from
eating her. I agree with her that nowadays it is not easy to tell who the zombies are.
You can’t be too careful who you let into your life.
I want to know what it is like to eat human flesh L said.
I heard it tastes like chicken I said.
Do you think you become the person if you eat them L said.
Yes I do I said.
I have consumed many souls and have become stronger for it.

I struggle with my gaze. It is on L’s  neck, in her mouth and in her nose.
I level it on her brows and hope that she won’t notice that I’m struggling to listen
more than the average person.
I feels that she wants to eat me. I want to be eaten.
I want to go camping with L away from the camping site and the camp fire at the base of a mountain with thick and thin trees and listen to audio books.
L prefers to be alone. The cool good looking boys in their early thirties aren’t interested in her. They actively pursue twenty something girls. She doesn’t want to be considered for sex by a middle aged dude with a Seahawk hat and a gut.
L’s eyes are teary. She looks distressed.
I struggle with anxiety L said. When I saw the doc he looked at my ankle and I started crying. I was upset about my ankle. I didn’t know why. There was nothing wrong with it.
When I see my therapist I cry.
I like your mustard sweater I said. It has black greasy streaks on it.
L has on a very clean whitish gray scarf. It gives me hope for her mental health.
I want to fuck her only if she is mildly compromised by mental illness.
L obsesses for an hour about not wanting to give blood or receiving it and how
receiving it could change who she is. It is the first time that I’m with someone
who makes an effort to make herself uncomfortable before I do and I want to absorb it wholeheartedly. I observe that she has large breasts under her mustard sweater. I think how wonderful it would be to spend time with them while she contemplates her madness.
I examine L’s grey blue eyes.
L rides a 1985 honda motorcycle that a man wanted to buy for nine hundred.
She thinks she can get twelve hundred dollars for it.
L had a dream about a worm digging under her nail. The dream site she was on said it has to do with father and daughter conflict. The explanation troubles her when she looks at it closely, as most everything does when she examines it in obsessively.
Her father is a quiet man who spends his leisure time in the garage.

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