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Film Review – Rich Hill

Filmmaker Justin Ludwig review Rich Hill, the powerful new documentary from Andrew Droz Palermo and Tracy Droz Tragos

Commentary, Culture, Film, Reviews

{Commentary} Kierkegaard’s Dancing “Knight of Faith”

To commemorate Soren Kierkegaard's birthday, J.M. Hall takes a playful leap of the imagination by connecting dance with the central ideas in the works of the famous Dane.

Commentary, Culture

The Danish Poet: Getting Short With Cuteness

A commentary on 'cuteness' stems from a review of an Academy Award-winning animated short

Commentary, Culture

The Book of Annoyance: Entry Seven – Social Media

Our old friend social media. Where would our lives be without thee? Remember the days when we had attention spans? Or how about when we could read something longer than 140 characters?

Commentary, Culture

In Defense of Bad Books

It was mid-December 2010. I was shopping for last-minute Christmas presents in the ritzy suburb up north. The kind of place where the cops are crossing guards, the dogs are fashion accessories, and the bars are four-star restaurants.

Commentary, Culture, Essays, Literature


Before I begin, I have to be clear: this article is not meant to ask for forgiveness, it is not meant to place blame, incur wrath, or inflict pain. It is also not meant to take itself too seriously.

Commentary, Culture, Essays, Music

You Never Forget Your First Time

A Home Selling Humor Saga. The roofer shows up at our house two hours after we’re scheduled to meet. I get to the front door first and open it up. Looking down the stairs, I see a bearded man sniffing at his shirt collar.

Commentary, Culture, Essays, Literature

The Book of Annoyance: Entry Six – Travel

Travel broadens the mind. Travel also creates awkward situations and causes people to do some very annoying things.

Commentary, Culture

Queer-Washing Fictional Characters

Two mustachioed gentlemen, one wearing a top hat and the other, a bowler, are splitting after years of togetherness.

Commentary, Culture

The Book of Annoyance: Entry Five – At the Gym

Looking good has never been so annoying. A lot of time and money is spent on physical well-being, from supplements to vitamins, yoga to aerobics, weightlifting to marathoning. And spin classes.

Commentary, Culture

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