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Ruth Moore Ruth Moore

“People Like You” A Q&A with Hic & Hoc Comics Publications

Hic & Hoc Publications is a new independent alternative comic publisher based in New Jersey.

Artists, Interviews
The 5 Types of People in Yoga Class

The 5 Types of People in Yoga Class

The Resolution Keeper, The Frail Girl, The Silver Fox, The Jessica Alba and The Platonic Couple.

Commentary, Culture
Tomato Plant

Tomato Plant

When I was young I used to live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. That’s right above North Dakota. Really cold winters and dry, hot summers.

Culture, Nostalgia

A Photoshoot With Jack

"The model and the photographer have a very special relationship where the photo shoot is like sex."

Commentary, Culture, Style

Ballad of the Manhattan Man: Late 20’s to Till Death(?) Do Us Part

PART 2: The Manhattan Man plunges head first into the life of a white collar bachelor in the city.

Commentary, Culture

Ballad of the Manhattan Man: Post College to Late-Mid-20s

This is not a story about the fancy Manhattan man, the down-on-the-dumps man, the genius, an artist, or a bad man. He is just a man who lives in Manhattan --the Manhattan man.

Commentary, Culture

Madhattan: Aunt Jemima Nights

Pancakes, self-shot lingerie camera phone pictures, and Hell's Kitchen.

Commentary, Culture

Madhattan: Hot Girls Who Act Chill, Part 3

All the while, I slurp on an endless supply of twenty-two dollar martinis and eat vodka-soaked olives with my fingers, chewing around the core of each one as if they were small apples.


Madhattan: Hot Girls Who Act Chill, Part 2

Nervous young lawyer in Manhattan meets creepy older guy and a bunch of sexy girls of dubious character.


Madhattan: Hot Girls Who Act Chill

What happens when you are a young, single female lawyer in Manhattan and you post a Craigslist ad looking for hot girls to hang out with?

Culture, Style

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