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Paulus Kapteyn Paulus Kapteyn

Paulus Kapteyn is a writer artist. His work has appeared in several magazines. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

untitled(in the beginning we had the family and at the end we will have the family. you can’t reason with the family. you can’t reason with the head of the table. we will have the family on mars. we will fornicate on the red planet and populate it. we will fornicate with the martians and have the martian and human family.)


Untitled(the biggest addiction mankind has is to enslave other men. the liberators are the worst slave drivers because they want to save men)


Untitled(there are five heads and under them there are a hundred heads and under the hundred heads a thousand.)


Untitled(he didn’t only want peace. the only way he knew how to have have joy was by killing his adversary.)


Untitled(in my dreams the giant and i struggle for power. i travel the stairs of his two lofts. there are giants with ax blades, dwarfs, and shifting shapes and gales. )


Untitled(The giant woman made two men from her collarbone. )


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