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Katie Katie

Katie Schwartz is a comedy writer and an essayist, among other writerly things. Her work has been featured in Mock Paper Scissors, Ostrich Ink, Monkeybicycle, Dirty Humor Issue #5, et al. Many of her essays have debuted at Comedy Central’s Sit-n-Spin Writer’s Series. She fails at knitting but succeeds at guilt.

{Interview} Maggie Rowe of Hollywood Hellhouse

Interview: Maggie Rowe of Hollywood Hellhouse

Maggie Rowe is an exceptional person. When you meet her, no matter how many people are beckoning her for a moment of her time, she’s fixed on you.

Entertainers, Interviews

Bill Grundfest | A Writer’s Writer, A Comic, An Architect of Talent

Bill Grundfest’s sensibility is unique, defiant and courageous. Golden Globe Winner, 3-time Emmy nominee, writer, producer, director, he's a fusion of impeccably timed wit, salient intelligence and kindness.

Interviews, Writers

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