Another Day On Planet Earth

woke up

drank tea

edited part of a novel

read through some reports

on conflict in Gaza

in other news

a civilian airplane

was blown out of the sky

the TV guy said

it landed in a field

somewhere in the Ukraine

not far from the Russian border

went for a swim on my own

for the first time

had a picture

of an unnamed dead boy

stuck in my head

as I was floating

trying to decide

what to make for dinner

sat in my old car

outside the pool hall

watched a guy

make the bowling green perfect

wished I had his job

wanted to crash out

on the grass

thought about the dead kid

drove home

not caring about dinner

let the wife choose

anything but takeout

sat outside with the neighbours

wished we had a garden

sipped on cold beer

watched the little piece of sky

visible from the street

thought of kids

falling down


strapped into seats

as they hit

dirt and grass

broken and scorched

covered in white by rescue workers

as the sun went down

on another day

on planet earth

I drank another beer

listened to conversations

stayed quiet


It’s a damn shame what they did to this planet